“The delivery of the project on time, to budget and with the desired scope enabled ESB to achieve all expected benefits.”

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Christian Gyuricza

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The Electricity Supply Board (ESB) is Ireland’s premier energy company. ESB is responsible for energy generation in Ireland, operates the distribution networks of electricity and gas, and sells electricity and gas to business and residential customers.

Business Need/Driver

FiTP aimed at transforming Finance to provide better support to the business as well as to operate more efficiently. To deliver this, a new Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting (PBF) process was introduced to bring the following benefits -

  • Clearer and more transparent links between strategic principles and operations to provide visibility of how top-down group targets drive business unit plans.
  • A common and integrated planning process, adopted by all business units.
  • Transparency to promote enhanced business responsibility and accountability.
  • Reduced PBF timelines.
  • Accurate and credible planning numbers with less use of Excel spreadsheets.


The objectives of FiTP could only be achieved with the introduction of a new, fit-for-purpose, PBF application. SAP-BPC NetWeaver v10 was chosen because of its –

  • Great flexibility, as different business units had different requirements.
  • Easy integration with ESB’s existing SAP-ECC, SAP-BW and Business Objects solutions.
  • Capacity and capabilities to support the new proposed PBF process.

Why Copperman?

As FiTP was a very high profile and strategic project for ESB, they opted for a low risk approach and selected the best delivery partner. ESB wanted a niche company that truly understood how to make best use of SAP-BPC to leverage their newly designed PBF processes.

ESB selected Copperman Consulting because we could –

  • Provide excellent deep technology expertise.
  • Demonstrate clear understanding of PBF processes and best practices.
  • Offer class-leading project management capability.

Key Challenges

The key challenge of the project was to find a common solution to be adopted by the various business units with different requirements. Copperman’s strong design capability secured user agreement on design at an early stage in the project.

Solution Details

Financial planning application

  • Group standard and business unit specific driver based models.
  • Automatic calculation of financial KPIs.
  • 24-month rolling forecasts.
  • 10 year strategic planning.
  • Multi-currency planning.
  • More than 150 users.
  • Multiple interfaces between SAP-ECC, SAP-BW and SAP-BPC.

Non-financial planning application (KPI entry)

  • Group standard and business unit specific KPIs.
  • Manual entry of non-financial KPIs.
  • Automation of financial KPIs.
  • Interfaces with SAP-BW and SAP Business Objects.

Key Benefits Delivered

The delivery of the project on time, to budget and with the desired scope enabled ESB to achieve all expected benefits. The solution is supporting the more transparent, integrated and streamlined PBF process -

  • SAP-BPC is providing clear visibility between strategic targets and business unit financial plans.
  • SAP-BPC gives easy access to transparent plans.
  • The original PBF effort and timescales have been reduced by over 50%.
  • Significant data integrity improvements due to a visible reduction of Excel spreadsheets.
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