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“The accuracy is obtained from the BPC product which was able to perform complex, fast and accurate calculations to generate, by newspaper title, direct material costs, waste, output and other factors.”

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Martin Hanson

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Trinity Mirror Group was formed from the merger of Mirror Group Newspapers and Trinity Group in 1999. The newly merged group has over 140 titles including the Daily and Sunday Mirror, Scottish Daily Record, Liverpool Echo and Birmingham Mail.

Need to Modernise Systems

The first steps of the project were initially in the printing division. Trinity Mirror Printing had previously used a complex system of interlinked excel spreadsheets to produce their budget and management reporting analysis. Even so, the depth of information required, and the ability of the business to react to an ever changing environment meant the current solution was unmanageable. A modern business intelligence tool was the answer.


During the system selection process there were several main vendors competing. As the scope of the project grew, the need to make the right choice became ever more essential. The vendors were put through a formal bid process where each was invited to respond to series of questions based on how their product would handle the Trinity Mirror Printing requirements. Trinity Mirror Printing chose SAP BPC ahead of the other business intelligence tools as a result of this process.

Integrating the Business

The wider Trinity Mirror businesses were also evaluating their business intelligence requirements, and the opportunity to integrate with the Printing business drove the expansion of the project. The chosen product would now become the group wide solution for management reporting, budgeting, forecasting and financial reporting and consolidation.

Growing Project Requirements

It was also decided to replace the group's outdated reporting system (FDC), which brought an important new factor into consideration: the chosen tool had to be able to take on a highly complex budgeting process while also being simple and easy enough for users to perform their month end reporting. In addition, the strength and flexibility of the BPC platform enabled the business to create additional applications to encompass more business processes. These included waste and efficiency analysis, sales and pricing applications and financial consolidation.

Key Benefits of the Solution

Trinity Mirror is benefiting from a fully integrated true business intelligence tool. The regional and national publishers are now able to forecast and budget title volumes and newspaper characteristics (e.g. paper type, size, coloration) which the printing arm could now translate into accurate internal pricing costs. The accuracy is obtained from the BPC product which was able to perform complex, fast and accurate calculations to generate, by newspaper title, direct material costs, waste, output and other factors. This process used to take the business over 2 months, with questionable accuracy. Now the process takes 2 weeks. This enables Trinity Mirror to spend more time analysing the financial projections and less time working them out.

Copperman's Role

Copperman were introduced to Trinity Mirror by the software vendor. Our role on the project was to take control of the group-wide integrated application design and build of the applications, with support from internal resources and consulting partners. We continue to be engaged in both a support and design enhancement capacity, ensuring that the solution remains “future proof” and flexible to the ever changing requirements of the business.

Why Copperman?

As one of the market leading SAP BPC consultancies, with a proven track record in designing, building and supporting successful applications, Copperman was chosen to lead the design to ensure that Trinity Mirror get the best out of the SAP BPC product.

"In a challenging market the need to respond to and adapt our business systems quickly is often difficult, especially when you are implementing a new system. Copperman Consulting have been professional and flexible to help us to achieve these goals."

Finance Director TMP, Trinity Mirror Group

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