The Benefits

Improve your knowledge and efficiency while driving down costs.

  • Planning decisions are easier and smarter – you can run ‘what if’ scenarios to see what course of action works best
  • You can work to the same goal – collaboration tools mean your people can see what their colleagues are working on for a more joined-up approach
  • Get more done, faster and more efficiently – shrinking cycle times, closing books faster and reaching strategic goals quicker
  • Easy access to the crucial information you need – your people will have the right information at their fingertips, in the format they need


In the right hands, SAP BPC can transform your financial systems.

BO Cloud for Analytics

Plan smarter – with financial planning and analysis (FP&A)…


Re-Invent Your Data Warehouse to Deliver Real Time, In-context…

Disclosure Management

Reduce the time, risk, and cost of regulatory disclosure management.


Uncover the value of IT simplification and realise breakthroughs…

Frequently Asked Questions

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We will respond as quickly as possible.

Our Company has chosen SAP BPC software for its Consolidation and Planning processes. How do we get it up and running?

You will need an implementation business partner to ensure the software is designed and configured properly. Give us a call – we are an approved SAP Business Partner and can guide and support you through the complete end-to-end lifecycle of your project.

How long will it take to implement SAP BPC?

This very much depends on a whole range of interrelated factors, from the size and complexity of your business requirements, your current existing processes and systems and the availability of key resources, to the cleanliness of your data, number of business users, degree of system “integration” and a whole lot more. However, we often give high level guidance that a typical consolidation or planning solution can be implemented between 5-8 months. We can give more accurate guidance once we discuss your requirements with you.

How much will it cost to implement SAP BPC?

Similar to the question on how long it will take, the cost is directly linked to the amount of resources required and timescales involved in your implementation. We can give more accurate guidance once we discuss your requirements with you.

What are the risks to successfully implementing SAP BPC in my organisation?

We typically find that most clients have one or more of the following risks: Poorly defined business processes, technically challenging network/IT landscape, huge mixture of staff skills and abilities, underestimate training, communication and impact on job roles/responsibilities, impact of change management, scope creep, replication of what was done previously (including bad practice) vs opportunity to revisit/re-engineer process, data migration and transition planning effort under estimated.

Choosing us to implement your SAP BPC solution gives you access to our wealth of experience in identifying and helping mitigate project risks such as these. Contact us to find out how we can help you with your SAP BPC implementation.

What hardware/software do I need for a BPC implementation?

SAP provide sizing guides and Product Availability documents. Please see the SAP section for further information.

How will we manage to keep BPC going once Copperman have finished the project?

In the early stages of the project we’ll identify who among your staff and team members we need to share knowledge with. We will discuss whether it’s appropriate to create an internal role of “BPC system administrator” and work with you to ensure your in-house capabilities (for both system maintenance and ongoing end user training) are developed. Ahead of “go-live”, we’ll also talk to you about our cost effective Support Service and whether that’s appropriate for your business to ensure your system continues to get the required support.